The Top Ten Ways Fleet Intelligence
Improves the Way You Do Business

Nearly half the school bus fleets in North America rely on GPS-powered Fleet Intelligence systems to improve the way they do business.

But even longtime users sometimes don’t appreciate the diversity of ways they can leverage GPS and telematics to save money, improve safety and enhance services.

From saving money and streamlining antiquated processes with Time and Attendance offering to improved Medicaid reimbursements for disabled students, Fleet Intelligence can deliver far more than real time vehicle tracking and reporting.

Industry leader Synovia Solutions and parent company CalAmp demonstrate 10 powerful ways K12 fleets are using their Fleet Intelligence solutions to deliver better services to their communities.

Please provide your contact info to learn more about how we’re helping a school district apply these lessons to improve student safety and connect communities. Our Avon, Indiana case study demonstrates how a Midwestern school district with a limited budget is leveraging Fleet Intelligence services to improve the way they serve their community.