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The Undisputed Industry Leader for School Bus Tracking Mobile Applications

An Overnight Success… 18 Years in the Making!

Thanks to its seamless integration, intuitive interface and rapid growth, Here Comes The Bus is today’s undisputed industry leader for school bus tracking mobile applications.


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Starting with an Idea

The story of this app, trusted by hundreds of thousands of families across North America, begins with two entrepreneurs fresh out of college. In 2001, recent graduates Thomas Polan and Brad Bishop had the vision to see the potential of GPS technology.  They envisioned an application which would use the emerging technology to help school bus fleets transport students with greater safety and efficiency. 

The new graduates convinced a small private school on the outskirts of Indianapolis to install a single GPS tracker in their only bus.  The successful installation and enthusiastic response of their first client led to the formation of Synovia.

Encouraged by their first successful installation, Polan and Bishop began working with school districts in their home state of Indiana.  As word spread about the benefits of this unique real-time GPS tracking tool Synovia expanded their market to serve school districts throughout the Midwest.  Today, bus fleet managers across the United States rely on our software to track vehicle location, and so much more.


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Innovation from Customer Feedback

Though Synovia started with a single idea, the software has grown and changed based on feedback from customers. They helped us uncover innovative ways to provide fleet managers more, useful information regarding vehicle locations, equipment status and driver performance.

In 2014, we merged with a competitor to form Synovia Solutions.  The merger allowed us to launch the mobile application, Here Comes The Bus.  With it, we could deliver same real time vehicle tracking information fleet directors had relied on for more than a decade to the cell phone of busy parents and students.

Alerts notify parents when the bus is just a few blocks away.  Students get to the bus on time, without the need to stand outside for extended periods of time on dark, cold winter mornings.


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More than GPS

With the addition of our Student Ridership programs, we have transformed the school bus experiences for literally hundreds of thousands of families across North America.


Through the use of student barcode IDs, RFIDs or Bus Passes parents and transportation directors can track each child from the time they get on the bus to the moment they exit the bus.

Serving School Districts of All Sizes

Here Come The Bus has been a runaway success.  It is now available in some of the largest school districts in America like Charlotte, Orlando, San Antonio and Indianapolis and some of the most remote districts in the quiet corners of North America. Parents, students and educators rely on us to stay connected and informed about their school bus.

Recognized for Excellence

In 2019 we captured an Innovation Award the Consumer Electronics Show and we’ve been lauded by dozens of media outlets for leveraging simple technology to solve a universal problem.

Powered by Synovia

At Synovia, we’re experts in GPS tracking. We have been providing solutions to help fleets of all kinds run safer and more efficiently for more than 18 years.

We offer a wide range of GPS products and services that work together to help make Here Comes The Bus the most robust and secure school bus tracking available. Our suite of tools helps schools, government and companies more effectively manage their fleets. When combined with a school’s routing system, Here Comes The Bus can provide the peace of mind parents get from knowing where their child’s bus is located.

Here Comes The Bus Nationwide

Here Comes The Bus is an easy-to-use website and app* that enables you to see the location of your child’s school bus on a smartphone, tablet, or personal computer.

You know when the bus is near your stop, so you can send your child out at just the right time. If your district has the Student Ridership service as well, you can use the Here Comes The Bus  to see when your child has scanned on and off the bus.

Here Comes The Bus has received numerous awards for its commitment to student safety and innovation. We remain committed to evolving the product to better serve schools and families. 

Here Comes the Bus Receives 2019 IoT Evolution Excellence Award
CalAmp Awarded 2020 Global Mobile Award For Here Comes The Bus®
CalAmp’s iOn™ Vision Receives 2020 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award
CalAmp’s iOn™ Vision Receives 2020 IoT Evolution Product of the Year Award
CalAmp and CargoSense Air Freight Visibility Receives 2019 IoT Evolution Platforms Leadership Award
CalAmp iOn Suite Named Equipment Today’s 2020 Contractors’ Top 50 New Products
Here Comes the Bus Receives 2019 IoT Evolution Excellence Award
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