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Here Comes The Bus®

Added Comfort and Security

Here Comes the Bus is taking security and comfort to the next level by allowing parents to not only track their children’s buses, but also know that their children are actually on board those buses. Through the use of student barcode IDs, RFIDs or Bus Pass, our new Student Ridership program will allow parents to individually track their children from the time they get on the bus to exactly where they exit the bus. This gives parents additional peace of mind. It also gives transportation directors and bus drivers actionable information in the event a student gets on the wrong bus, or gets off at the wrong stop.

Wayne Township

“We’ve found that reducing just five minutes from every route would reduce costs by $100,000 per school year. ”

– Lynda Kuchler
Director of Transportation

You Also Don’t Want Them Missing the Bus

With Here Comes the Bus®, you and your children will now know when your bus has entered your neighborhood. With a customizable map, you can see in real time exactly where your children’s bus is. And with your smartphone or tablet, you can even customize the Here Comes the Bus app to send you notifications when your bus is near or to let you know when there has been a schedule change.

Savings for your School

For transportation managers, Here Comes the Busmeans children know when their bus will arrive, so there are fewer missed pickups, or delays, which means routes are run quicker, burning less fuel.

Service From Your School

No longer do parents need to call the school to check on the status of their children’s bus. It’s the kind of service that parents should expect in an era where technology allows for service and convenience like never before. It also shows parents that their district is committed to both safety and service.

Student Ridership

Student Ridership is hardware and software that tracks students as they board and exit the school bus, giving school administrators reporting data that includes:

  • Accurate rider manifest
  • Statistics needed for reimbursement
  • Alerts when a student attempts to board the wrong bus or exit at the wrong stop

Lake Central School Corporation

“I can’t imagine life without it now. Once a school district implements this system, they won’t ever want to be without it ”

– Pat Hubbard
Director of Transportation

HCTB + Student Ridership

Student scans may now be viewed by parents via the Here Comes the Bus website and app, and parents can opt to receive push and email alerts when their child has boarded or exited the bus. Your parents will know the bus number, time of the scan, and exact location.

For districts, Student Ridership has reports that include:

• Accurate rider manifest for each bus in the event of an accident or emergency

• Rider counts for state audits, Medicaid reimbursement or to assess utilization

*Student tracking is only available if the district purchased Student Ridership hardware and software, and is available to parents via the Here Comes the Bus app and website. Bus tracking is only available if the district purchased Here Comes the Bus software.

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