Right Bus.

Right Stop.

Right Time.

Here Comes The Bus®

Know Where Your Kids Are.
Know They’re Safe.

As a parent, your child’s safety is important to you. No parent wants to have their children waiting at the bus stop any longer than they need to.

You don’t want them standing by the side of the road in the cold or rain, or exposed to risks on days when driving conditions are less than favorable.

Avon Community School

“I don’t know how I survived as a parent without this app last year. It times my whole morning.”

– Kelli Knisley

You Also Don’t Want Them Missing the Bus

With Here Comes the Bus®, you and your children will now know when your bus has entered your neighborhood. With a customizable map, you can see in real time exactly where your children’s bus is. And with your smartphone or tablet, you can even customize the Here Comes the Bus app to send you notifications when your bus is near or to let you know when there has been a schedule change.

Get real-time information on the exact location of your child’s bus.

Track multiple buses if your children don’t all ride the same bus.


Know exactly when your children arrive at school, or at home.


Your account is password protected.

Student Ridership

Knowing where your child’s school bus is important, but it is also important to know that your child got on the bus and off at the right stop. Student Ridership takes away that worry. Student Ridership is student tracking software that gives school administrators and parents comfort in knowing their children made it safely on and off the right bus at the right stop.

By using a barcode or RFID proximity reader on the bus, students will scan their ID card as they board and exit the bus, giving the district actionable information in the event a student attempts to exit at the wrong stop. An alternative to the barcode and RFID readers is Synovia Solution’s Mobile Data Terminal, or MDT, which allows the driver to select the name of the student as they board or exit the bus.

Avon Community School

“We can sit warmly in the house until right before the bus arrives.”

– Rochelle Brewster-Diablo

HCTB + Student Ridership

Thanks to Here Comes the Bus, both you and your children will know exactly where the bus is. Which means you and your kids will know when it’s time to catch it. With our new Student Ridership option, parents will know whether or not their child made it on the bus, and if they did, at that time. And for parents, all this information can be accessed whether you’re at home or at work.

*Student tracking is only available if the district purchased Student Ridership hardware and software, and is available to parents via the Here Comes the Bus app and website. Bus tracking is only available if the district purchased Here Comes the Bus software.

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