Wayne Westland Schools Invests in Technology to Improve School Bus Service


Mobile App “Here Comes the Bus” Delivers Rideshare Experience for Parents and Students


Wayne, Michigan – An award-winning mobile app designed to help students avoid waiting too long outside for the school bus is being introduced in this Michigan community.
The Wayne Westland Schools district is introducing a rapidly expanding mobile application that aims to improve how students, parents and school administrators manage the daily bus commute.
Parents may never have to ask again, “When does the bus arrive?” thanks to “Here Comes the Bus” and its ability to connect and protect students, parents and school administrators like never before.
The school district is partnering with Synovia Solutions to integrate a suite of digital tools on the districts’ 87 buses designed to improve safety, enhance service and save the district money.

The GPS-enabled fleet tracking solution is powered by hardware installed in the school buses and proprietary software developed by the Indiana company that now serves approximately 1,100 customers across the country, including some of the nation’s largest school districts.
Wayne Westland is among the latest school districts nationwide to adopt the mobile application and smart fleet technology that will deliver real-time tracking of school bus location as well as e-mail and push notification alerts to ensure students and parents arrive at the school bus stop on time.
Launched in 2015 by Synovia Solutions following more than a decade in the school bus fleet tracking industry, the free mobile app has more than 1 million downloads.
It has earned 4.6 stars on the Apple App store with more than 48,000 reviews and growing.
“We know from our daily lives in Indiana and from working with districts across the Midwest that winter weather presents some real challenges for parents and students when it comes to waiting too long for the bus,” said Jon King, Senior Vice President, Operations, Synovia Solutions.
“We’re pleased to have earned the trust of Wayne Westland and hope parents around greater Detroit and all of Michigan will see the benefits of our solution.”

Wayne Westland schools is the latest school district to adopt the award-winning mobile app, Here Comes The Bus from Synovia Solutions. The app is trusted by more parents, students and schools than any other school bus tracking app.

The school district said the Synovia integration will help its drivers and student riders enjoy a better user experience.
Wayne Westland Schools said the app promises to take the stress out of parents’ morning and keep students protected from harsh winter weather.
The collaboration with Wayne Westland marks the first time Synovia has integrated the Polyplot mapping system into its routing software.
The Polyplot Mapping System provides a unique and powerful tool designed for school districts to analyze student information interactively and graphically.
The Polyplot system is used by more than 110 school districts across Michigan and can be used in building/classroom utilization studies, boundary analysis, voting precinct information or any other map-oriented study.
“We recognize the importance of being able to work with a diversity of routing systems and are excited our team has been able to collaborate with Polyplot to deliver this solution for Wayne Westland,” King said. “This integration will allow us to expand our industry-leading technology to more districts in Michigan and allow more students to enjoy a safer and more predictable school bus experience.”
Please visit the Apple App store or Google Play to download the app.
Synovia urges parents to contact us with any customer service issues by contacting us via email: Click Here!