Our driver is an outstanding school bus driver. He has only been driving a school bus for a year and a half. Prior to that, he managed a saltwater disposal plant and had a Class A driver’s license as an OTR truck driver. Even though new to student transportation, our driver has made Safety and Training a priority. He is constantly in communication with parents to help sure that the students are loading safely and evaluating the bus stops on his routes for potential hazards. He comes up with suggestions for routers and makes himself part of the solution, rather than just bringing up problems. His route is very consistent for stop times. I never have problems with parent complaints on his route. He has a positive attitude in an ever-changing COVID world and is always smiling. Our driver currently is of the retirement age and even though he does not have any students in our community is very committed to getting the children of the community the education that they need to succeed.

In our driver’s spare time, he typed up a training manual for extra things that are not part of the normal CDL training curriculum. Topics include Sex Trafficking Awareness, Hostage Situation – ways to handle and cope, Recognizing Diabetes and Epilepsy, Allergic Reaction Treatment, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, just to name a few.

We are very blessed to have our driver on our team!