On November 16, 2020, after dropping off her last student, our driver was traveling to her next assigned school for the afternoon dismissal. While following a special needs bus, she observed the driver veer off the roadway, coming to a sudden stop after crashing into an embankment and fence. Knowing this was an emergency situation, she immediately secured her bus, running to the other bus and observed the driver hanging onto the floor while still secured in his seat belt. She yelled to passing motorists to call 911 and asked for assistance. As the special needs assistant was unable to open the passenger door, Selina opened the door from the exterior. With the assistance of one motorist and the bus assistant, they released his seat belt, then carried the driver off the bus, placing him on the ground. The driver was nonresponsive, so they began CPR and continued until emergency personnel arrived.

Our driver then focused on the bus assistant and students still on board. She checked to be sure there were no injuries and reassured them that everything would be OK. Our driver unselfishly focused on the immediate needs of others that day. The CPR training received through the Carroll County Public School system was put into action on this day.

About 2 hours after the accident, our driver received the wonderful news that she had saved the driver’s life, and he was alert. After having a successful surgery, the special needs driver is doing well. You are amazing!