New York City’s
Answer to the School Bus Tracking Need

Here Comes the Bus is the essential school bus tracking app perfect to help New York City families better manage the daily school bus commute.

Our award-winning app is available immediately to help parents track the school bus and recapture their peace of mind

With more than 42,000 reviews on the app store, Here Comes the Bus has acquired 4.6 stars and boasts more than 1 million users nationwide. We’ve got the experience and customer focus to deliver for a dynamic district like New York City.

Parent Tracking App Mandate

The New York City law requiring school buses to have GPS tracking will provide parents, students and educators with a new level of security and help avoid parents wondering where their children’s bus is in good weather and bad.

Proven Leadership

We’ve got the track record of working with the largest school districts in America, from Los Angeles to Charlotte and our hometown of Indianapolis, to serve the dynamic needs of New York City schools.

Ready to Serve NYC

We look forward to working with New York City educators and families soon!

“Synovia is at the forefront of reducing the length of bus stops by informing our students when the bus will arrive. The faster we can safely load students, the less time an oncoming vehicles has to disregard our stop arm.”

Bob Martin
Director of Transportation
Shelbyville Central Schools

“I can’t imagine life without it now. Once a school district implements this system, they won’t ever want to be without it.”

Pat Hubbard
Director of Transportation
Lake Central School Corporation

“We’ve found that reducing just five minutes from every route would reduce costs by $100,000 per school year.”

Lynda Kuchler
Director of Transportation
Wayne Township

If you are a school administrator or parent wanting to learn more about Here Comes the Bus, click below to contact us:

Email Us 202.718.5155

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If you are a parent seeking to learn more about Here Comes the Bus, click below to contact us:

Email Us 202.718.5155